Impact Of Automation On IT Jobs

In many countries, the Information technology sector has become the major contributing industry to earn real revenue for the nation today. Most of the graduates are looking for jobs in the information technology industry, and multiple opportunities are available for them in various techniques. Software application development is a challenging job for the people, and they need to have concern skills in the technologies. Most of the software employees are earning the real income and living a luxurious life.

Due to the stagnation of projects sometimes, the companies are in crisis and prefer layoff’s to their employees. The effect of automation is also more because when societies are automated, there is no need for the resources. For example, in data warehousing projects, people use the reporting tools, ETL tools, and testing tools. They need to have various employees who can have experience in working with all these aspects. But now the testing concept is automated, and due to this, there is no need of testers in these projects.

Automation is nothing but using the system software’s for accomplishing individual manual works. The main advantage of adopting automation techniques is to increase the production and to reduce the time for the completion of the project.  Due to the automation process, the project management companies at LX&R Alliance are in crisis, and the other reason for their bad situation is because of online business services from most of the reputed consulting agencies. Most of the companies are restricting their projects to reduce the burden and to implement the cost effectiveness. Another key factor that can affect the IT employees is the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Many companies are shifting their projects into advanced technologies as per the requirements of their clients. If they are not ready to do so, they have to lose their plans and it can show a harmful impact on the lives of thousands of employees in a company. Earlier a person who is working as software employee had a lavish lifestyle and secured life. But after the worst period during the recession, people are afraid of the IT industry.

Even the employees having more than ten years of experience do not have the job security and company managements are looking forward to the better choice instead of depending on experienced professionals with high pay scales. So it has become a nightmare for the business management consulting services to rely on the resources as they are also looking for the secured employment opportunities rather than high salaries. At a point of time, it became difficult for some top MNC’s to hire the skilled resources.

The impact of automation not only influenced the IT sector but also in the remaining industries, the rate of production has been gradually increasing the usage of machines and equipment instead of using large human resources. At the same time, there is rapid growth in the unemployment rate due to the lack of opportunities for those who lost their jobs. The companies are violating the framed rules and regulations showing the silly reasons for the layoffs. The gap between the management and the employee has been increasing. All these are not preferable signs and can affect the relations in the society.