Tips For Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Home

During the spring time, you backyard usually becomes a breeding ground for most bugs and various other animals so it is normal to have a few bug sighting in your home from time to time during the spring months. However, if the bugs in your house are getting out of control, you might need to find a solution as it can be quite annoying to find bugs everywhere in your household. If you’re somebody who’s house in being taken over by bugs, we have the solution that can help you get your home back. The information that we have listed below will definitely help you to get rid off all of the bugs in your home. When trying to get rid of bugs, you need to think like they do and get rid of anything in your household that they may be attracted to.

Keep Out

Similarly to security screens for windows, there are little gadgets that you can install on to your windows to keep bugs out of your home so investing in something like this during the spring time will help solve a lot of your problems.

Retractable fly screens that can be installed on your windows are a great temporary option but you need to do more than just keeping the bugs out if you want to protect your garden from being ruined and destroyed.

Prune Bushes

Insects that live on your plants will get onto the roof and the structure of your home if there are tree branches and twigs that touch various areas of your house. To prevent the bugs from climbing over to the structure of the house, prune your bushes and cut away any parts that may be touching the surfaces of the exterior of your house.

Rake The Ground

Insects and various flies love to stay on wet and moist ground so if there are piles of leaves and mulch that are wet from the rain, you need to grab your rake and turn over the ground in these areas so that air can get in and to make sure that the ground doesn’t stay wet all the time. Seal CracksIf there are any cracks, weep holes and other areas in the house where the bugs can get inside from, be sure to use a sealant and cover up these cracks so that these bugs will not be able to get into your home form the exterior of the house. When using a sealant, be sure to use one that expands and retract due to hot and cold climates instead of cracking. If you use a sealant that cracks, you will have to forever reseal these cracks and crevices.