How The Design Of A Building Can Affect Your Health?

Have you ever felt that your headache just gets worse every time you look at several tall high-rise buildings? Well, it might be a coincidence but for some, this is an actual problem due to the structure and design of the building. Some buildings have monotonous repetitive patterns that’s hard to be processed by your brain thus making it harder to look at. Studies conducted by CNN also shows that the brain consumes more oxygen when you stare at these buildings. This theory does not apply only to high-rise buildings but any design that has constant repetitive patterns, for example having striped carpets, striped walls and dim lighting can trigger an existing migraine or make it worse.

And how can we avoid this?

In nature, objects with large stripes tend to have a low contrast and objects with small stripes have a high frequency so they cancel each other out, this is known as the rule of nature, so a building designer can combat this issue by adhering to the rule of nature in their software program used to design the building. Building designers Sunshine Coast from reputable companies avoid the overuse of stripes unless done on customer request. This does not mean you should avoid stripes all together, you can have them but don’t have it as the only design pattern, stripes along with other another type of design would go well.

Even homes and offices sometimes use striped lines in their walls and furniture thus going overboard with this design, this is more prevalent in office spaces. This hurts the productivity of the workers due to the strain the interior of the office has on them. If you want to go ahead with stripes, use it sparingly, maybe an interior designer would know how to work the stripes without making the place look like a prison. Additionally, stripes aren’t the only things that can affect us, the color of choice can also reflect on our mood, some colors can give you a feeling of warmth and some can just make us gloomier, so mix and match the colors to brighten up the place.

Bad lighting can also add to the discomfort, invest on good lights and throw away the lights that are either too bright or too dim. After all, proper lighting can improve the quality of your home/ workplace and also help avoid headaches, eye strain, and grumpiness thus making you more productive in what you do. This is why choosing the right professionals to get your work done is important, the slightest mistake in design choice can affect you drastically.