Aluminum Security Doors And Various Other Types Of Security Doors

Chemical elements are more than one hundred substances that cannot be broken down or chemically converted into another form. Theses element are the primary constituents of matter. Each chemical element differs from another on the basis of its atomic number. Aluminum is a chemical element with an atomic number of thirteen, due to its various qualities like high resistance and durability, aluminum doors are built. Privacy and security are the two of the most basic functions of any kind of a door. However, various doors have various level of resistance and strength level which is why some doors are specifically built for security purposes. In this article we are going to discuss about high quality aluminium security doors and various other kinds of security doors.

Security doors:

Security door is the door that is heavier and firmer than the standard door. They are specifically built to keep burglars and intruders from being able to break in through it. The three basic features that must be present in security doors are strong frame, heavy duty keyed locks and non-removable pin. Homes and offices must have security doors. Mostly, security doors are composed of steel, aluminum and metal alloys or by combining these elements together security door are built. There are various kinds of security doors which differ from each other on the basis of the element they are composed of and qualities that they possess.

Aluminum security doors:

Aluminum is a silver white metallic element with an atomic number of thirteen. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Besides that, aluminum has high reflectivity and has great resistance towards oxidation process. It is light, strong, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain at the same time. Because of these qualities of aluminum, aluminum security doors are built, they are the strongest security doors Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and most durable as well. These doors can be used in residential properties, commercial areas and retail properties as well.

Cast iron grille security doors:

Another type of security door is cast iron grille security door; it is composed of iron which is why they are quite heavy and are not easily broken. Cast iron grille doors mostly match with homes structure and designing pattern.

Decorative variety of security doors:

Decorative variety of security door not just offers the protection against burglars or intruders it also focuses on the good appearance of the home as well which is why they are built with unique pattern and ultimate style.


Basic function of every security door is to restrain burglar or intruders from entering into your house or office. There are various types of security doors which are differently named according to the material they are composed of or the qualities they possess. There are aluminum security doors, cast iron grille security doors, decorative variety of security doors and many other types of security doors. Diverse variety of security doors which are of great quality at the same time are available in “kestrel” door manufacturers.