Different Ways To Fix A Leaking Ceiling.

If you see any water stains or water dripping from the roof know that it is high time to get your ceiling repaired. A leaking ceiling will cause serious damage to your house if you don’t fix it at early stages. Before you take any steps to fix the ceiling make sure that you find out the source of the leak and fix that first. When you have fixed it drain water from the ceiling and the necessary steps to repair the damages that has been caused. Here are some important tips that you need to know before and how to fix your ceiling.

Drain the leak.

Check for any signs of water stains or identifiable signs of moisture because you need to diagnose and locate the area of the ceiling that is leaking. Put down drop cloths or plastic tarps under the leak to prevent the floors and the furniture from getting wet. Leave it on until you get a complete roof leak repair done as it will collect all the debris when you replace the damaged area of the ceiling (then you will not have to clean the floors). With the aid of a screwdriver puncture the ceiling to drain the leak. Make sure you create a hole into the center of the area of the leak. Keep a bucket under the damaged ceiling to get the water collected. Try to create a larger hole to figure out where the leak is coming from. Before you replace the ceiling make sure that you get the leaking area fixed. Common leakages occur through faulty pipes and cracks in the ceiling. If you feel that you can’t handle it on your own contact a roof specialist to get the damaged area fixed. Check this link https://www.roofrestorationgroup.melbourne/ to find out more details.

Remove the damaged ceiling.

The next step you should take after finishing the leaking area is to remove the damaged part of the ceiling. Remember to turn off the power in your house before cutting the inspection hole. If would be wise to hire a professional to replace the ceiling. If you feel you can replace it on your own start off by drawing a box around the damaged hole of the ceiling and with the help of a utility saw cut into the ceiling along the guide lines (the box your drew). Use a prying instrument to remove the damaged part of the ceiling.  For stronger protection use rebedding roof tiles to replace the roof.

Replacing the ceiling.

You could even use wood to cover the damaged area of the ceiling. Cut a few pieces of wood that would fit the size of the damaged part and screw them into the ceiling. Then cut a piece of dry wall and screw it onto the wooden braces.